About 9dat.com

9dat.com, launched January 11th, 2019, is a haven for creativity and style. The goal is to cover the big and little stories in sports without any agenda. Well, that may not be 100% accurate as we love common sense and there isn’t much of that left out there on the Interwebs these days – so I guess we do have an agenda!

Specializing in NFL, NCAA Football, NBA, Golf, NCAA Basketball and MLB news, rumors and lists, 9dat.com provides an entertaining, engaging product that is user-friendly, relevant and informative. At 9dat.com also love to show the funny side of sports and regularly share entertaining media content with a tongue-in-cheek approach. And making fun of ourselves has always been important to us – nothing wrong with being a little self-deprecating, right?!

We encourage your participation on the site, via Twitter or Facebook, or telegram. Our sports-lovin’ freaks (aka writers) love to interact with clever readers and comments that catch our eye. 9dat.com is all about crafting strong arguments, and we encourage you to respond in kind when you disagree with a fool-hearty point of view that we have presented.

Cool? Cool. We like to call ourselves the Unfiltered Sports Juggernaut, yet you can call us 9dat.com for short!