Billy Ray Cyrus and FIREROSE release ‘Plans’ single – Digital Journal

Billy Ray Cyrus and FIREROSE. Photo Courtesy of Kind Music Group.

Billy Ray Cyrus and FIREROSE released their new single, the love ballad “Plans.”

The song was penned by Honorary Oscar winner Diane Warren, and it was subsequently produced by Justin Morgan. It was released via Damon Elliott’s record label, Kind Music Group.

The lyrics are warm and conversational but not contrived. This is a tune that stands out sonically, lyrically, and vocally. “Have you got plans for forever, do you have ’til the end of time free, have you got plans for forever, do you wanna make them with me,” they sing in the chorus.

Anybody who has ever been in love will find the lyrics and its message sweet, meaningful, and relatable.

“Plans” has the potential to become a staple for any wedding or engagement ceremony. Their musical chemistry over the years has been quite inspiring. Billy Ray Cyrus and FIREROSE deserve to become the next big Tim McGraw and Faith Hill couple in the contemporary country music scene.

This song also applies in both artists’ personal lives because they are engaged to be married; moreover, it’s a euphoric celebration of finding “the one” in life.

Nick Pres directed the song’s music video, which has a somewhat whimsical vibe to it. The video features FIREROSE walking through a door in a forest in order to meet Billy Ray Cyrus in a meadow.

Cyrus appears as a sharp dressed man in a tuxedo while FIREROSE is wearing an elegant wedding gown as they appear ready to spend the future together. The rose petals that are drizzling down are an added treat. If one plays close attention, the music video is rich in symbolism.

With Diane Warren at the helm of writing this romantic song, one should not expect it to be less than a hit single.

“Plans” is available on digital service providers by clicking here. It garners an A rating.

Billy Ray Cyrus and FIREROSE release ‘Plans’ single – Digital Journal
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