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Jillian Clare. Photo Courtesy of Jillian Clare.

Actress Jillian Clare spoke about serving as a SAG-AFTRA strike captain in the Los Angeles area.

On being a SAG-AFTRA strike captain, she said, “It is one of the most rewarding things I’ve done as a union volunteer. After the pandemic, we’ve struggled to find our sense of community in the entertainment industry.”

“It’s incredible to see the solidarity amongst not just our union, but the WGA, and the other unions who have joined us on the line. We’ve had IATSE out with us, pilots, nurses, musicians, and so many more incredible workers,” she explained.

“I’ve never felt more connected to my union, my fellow actors, and my community,” she added.

Clare continued, “I love my union and I’m so proud of our negotiating committee for standing up to the AMPTP and fighting for our members. As someone who is already very involved with the union.”

“I serve as Co-Chair of the Los Angeles Young Performer’s Committee and am a member of the National YPC and the LA Conservatory Curriculum Sub-Committee. I knew that becoming a strike captain would be right in my wheelhouse,” she said.

“I feel it’s important to be out there with my fellow members, helping spread morale and positivity. I am captain at Warner Bros and my fellow captains and I have become a family. It’s been an emotional and joyful experience,” she added.

AI on the future of the entertainment industry

“Art is human – not artificial intelligence,” she said. “AI doesn’t create art by any means, it steals images created by others and reconfigures it to match what the user is seeking. As actors, we are fighting against body scans that allow studios to keep a digital replica of us. Studios should not be able to own our likeness and use it however they want without our consent or further compensation.”

“AI is certainly useful in many industries, but it should never take the place of humans. There’s been enough Sci-Fi movies over the years warning us of AI taking over our jobs and our lives, you’d think we would have learned,” she added.

Future plans

On her future plans, she said, “There’s a lot I want to do, a lot I want to accomplish. I am just now graduating with my B.A. degree in Political Science and I’m applying for a Master’s program.”

“I plan to continue my union service and once the strike is over, I will continue my podcast ‘Thanks For Coming In.’ With our guidelines revolving around not promoting AMPTP work, I’ve temporarily paused the show to comply with our rules,” she said.

“I have a new fiction podcast The Case Within that will start releasing the end of September and have a few scripts I’m looking at and writing. I’m always keeping busy,” she said.

Advice for hopefuls in acting

For young and aspiring actors, she said, “Work on your craft. Keep focused. Don’t get caught up in social media fame or becoming an influencer (unless that is also a passion of yours).”

“Most importantly, remember everyone is on their own timeline – especially in the arts. You may have a friend who gets their big break after five years, and you still haven’t after 10,” she said.

“Trust in the process and that the right roles will come to you. This career is about the long road – stay with it,” she added.

Closing thoughts on the SAG-AFTRA strike

Clare remarked, “What we are fighting for is basic wage increases to meet the current times, safeguards against AI so our image and likeness is not used without our consent and compensation, health care contributions, self-tape regulations, and more.”

“There is a lot we are fighting for in our contracts, and I urge everyone to visit the SAG-AFTRA website to read them all,” she added.


On her definition of success, she said, “To me, success is simply following through on what you want. Our bar for success has typically meant a big house, a lot of money, a big family, etc. – the idealized version of a life many will never experience.”

“I say, if you follow the career you want, you have good relationships with your family and friends, and you have found time for your hobbies, you’ve found success,” she concluded.

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Jillian Clare talks about serving as a SAG-AFTRA strike captain – Digital Journal
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