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In what is starting to look very like a class action of the USA vs Trump, the defendant’s legal options are becoming relevant. These are complex, expensive, and likely to be very time-consuming legal matters.

They’re important as “strategic” cases, too. These legal precedents are important. In that sense, it’s worth hearing all these cases on their merits for the sake of proper legal review. Trump also has appeals options in the case of unfavorable verdicts.


Can he plea bargain? He’s pleaded not guilty to all charges, so that move isn’t really on the table… yet. Not all charges are subject to plea bargaining, either, but it’s one way of getting some of the load out of the way.

However – Due to Trump’s entanglement with so many legal issues, financial matters, other high-profile people, and foreign powers, a plea bargain might be interesting. Given also the RICO charges raised by Georgia, which involve a very serious class of major criminal charges, plea bargaining is not unprecedented.

It’s a tricky little series of issues, but possibly useful to law enforcement and Trump. Given his besieged legal situation with a possible fifth indictment in the works, any option has to be better than none.  

Strictly speaking, a plea bargain wouldn’t fit well with Trump’s “I’m being indicted for you” stance. Martyrdom is said to be an acquired taste. If he’s acquired it, so be it. If not, a competent lawyer would have to lay out all the options for criminal charges.

That’s if he can find a competent lawyer. Others in the American legal profession, notably judges, haven’t exactly been singing the praises of his legal representation so far.

One of the mysteries of the Trump cases is that anyone with so many legal advisors could possibly be able to get into so much legal trouble. This is a true legal demolition derby with one participant. The behavior of his legal representatives has been called into question many times.

Trump is a very frequent litigant himself. It’s not like he doesn’t know the law is extremely relevant to himself and his businesses. Yet, here he is, surrounded by prosecutors on some of the most serious charges possible.

This isn’t “weaponization” of the DOJ. Quite the opposite. All of these laws were on the statutes long before Trump was born. They weren’t secrets. They were almost so obvious they didn’t need an explanation. …Until now, apparently.

See why a plea bargain might be a good idea?


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Can Trump do a plea bargain? Maybe, maybe not – Digital Journal
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